You will find a warm welcome, safe housing and a private nautical club, a dock system containing 120 slips with electrical and fresh water connections.


  • Floating docks, each with water service and electric power.
  • Spaces on land to accommodate up to 80 boats.
  • Security 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
  • Full service boat maintenance: 50 ton Travelift marine crane (100,000 lbs / 45,360 kg), 20 feet wide (6 meters) or sleeve.
  • Two-ton crane for masts maintenance.
  • Grill, repair work and maintenance of glass fiber reinforced plastic, antifouling, osmosis, carpentry, air conditioning, generators, electrical systems and hydraulic systems.
  • Laundry, hot showers.
  • At the service dock: diesel and gasoline.
  • Restaurant service in the Club.

Boat owners can choose to work on their vessels themselves or hire third party services to make repairs.

We will provide assistance for booking ground transportation services, expeditions, flights and other services to and from the Jose Joaquin de Olmedo international airport in Guayaquil. We can assist with a wide range of services and facilities designed to make your stay in our country an enjoyable and fun experience.

Checking in and out of Ecuador

Agents are not required for all foreign-flagged boat less than 50 TRB (Gross Registered Tonnage)

On August 8, 2017, The Government of Ecuador published in the Oficial Registry Nº 53, the law whereby the procedure for clearing in and out of Ecuador:

For foreign vessels, which are for private use, not for commercial purposes and less than 50 GRT, the Captain, ship-owner or owner may represent the ship as its shipping agent, who will coordinate directly with the Harbor Captain’s jurisdiction, for compliance of the norm and payment of respective fees. Puerto Lucia Yacht Club will liaise with the local authorities.

Vessels may stay in our marina up to one year. Ecuador does not require a Visa for visitors or tourists from most countries. Minimum ninety-one days, maximum one hundred and eighty days in each period of twelve months (calendar year), counted from the entry of the tourist to Ecuador. http://www.cancilleria.gob.ec/

It has taken a lot of effort and lobbying from Puerto Lucia Yacht Club to make clearing a streamlined process, saving the cruisers time and money.


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December 2023
Areas at your disposal


Private nautical club with a dock system containing 120 slips with electrical and fresh water connections.


We have different facilities, many sports areas, restaurant and lounges at your disposal.


24 luxury suites, with mini bar, security box, room service, cable TV, and a beautiful ocean view.


Located directly ocean front, the real estate area has privileged space that connects to a channel.